Published: 23rd February 2011
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Freemasonry is no more a secret practice or society in the modern world, nor is it restricted to Christianity. Whether someone is Hindu or a Jew, freemasonry is for all. It is the faith that counts and undisputable faith in Almighty. The practice of freemasonry is quite primitive and dates back to the 18th century Europe, especially in England and Rome. Masons practiced brotherhood, tolerance, mutual respect for others, charity, care and belief in truth. A very significant symbol of freemasons or masons is the passing of Masonic symbols through generation to generation. These symbols can range from cufflinks to bookmarks, badges and even gloves. They can be just about anything passed on by your forefathers.

Masonic symbols are grounded in tradition, honor, history and faith. They symbolize brotherhood, trustworthiness, customs and beliefs. If you are a mason in the modern world, and are interested in creating a whole new collection of Masonic collectibles, you can take a look at the various Masonic regalia stores all over the world. These collectibles have great significance in the western world and are surrounded by the similar mystery that engulfed the freemasons.

Gloves are the toughest item to maintain as they get dirty quickly. And regardless of how you wash them, white gloves never tend to be as white as they were new. The investiture with the gloves for masons is very closely connected with the investiture with the apron, and the consideration of the symbolism of the one naturally follows the consideration of the symbolism of the other. The symbolism of gloves is defined by-

•White Kid Masonic Gloves: In the continental rites of Masonry, as practiced in France, Germany, and other countries of Europe, it is an invariable custom to present the newly-initiated candidate not only with a white leather apron, but also with two pairs of white kid gloves, one a man's pair for himself, and the other a woman's, to be presented by him in turn to his wife or betrothed, or according to the custom of the German masons, or, according to the French, to the female whom he most esteems, which, indeed, amounts, or should amount, to the same thing.

•Masonic Gloves: The works of the hands: There is in this course, everything else which pertains to Freemasonry, a symbolism. The gloves given to the candidate for himself are intended to teach him that the acts of a mason should be as pure and spotless as the gloves given to him.

Many masons have a deep interest in maintaining a collection of freemasonry items due to the faith and tradition that are attached to these goods. They employ high efforts and great time in widening their compilation through meticulous search, there are daggers, gems and jewels to fill up the remaining space. Since these items are purely related to antics and history they can be pricey. Thus, you have to pay some extra effort to find an inexpensive collection which can surely be found over the Internet. Several online stores

have gloves for mason. So, if you are a strong believer in the freemasonry ideals, sport a collection that symbolizes your faith.

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